The problem

We wanted to decorate our small Chicago apartment. We liked some of the art we owned, but we knew it wouldn't work for two reasons:

  1. No theme or cohesion
  2. We're easily bored

This got us thinking: how do we keep our space looking nice and feeling new? We want our space to have a consistent look, but we also want that look to change over time. Can we do this in an affordable way?

Our solution

Apples for Dinner connects brilliant artists with passionate curators. Our approach is simple: each subscriber receives 4 newly curated photos every season. The curators get to know your preferences and partner with you to make your space unique.

We believe this solution reaches beyond the apartment to

  • Your child's dorm room
  • Your office
  • Your classroom
  • Your future nursery
  • and we're sure there's more!

Our goal is to make decorating simple, personal, and affordable. We think you'll enjoy your art — take our quiz to get started!

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